Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Leisure 18

Hey everyone! Sorry if it took so long for me to update this blog. It's just so happen that I again gained so much weight after the New Year. I've decided not to look into the weighing scale with the fear of seeing my true weight. I think I now weigh 180 to 190 lbs. Already managed to weigh 160 last 2010 huhuhu. Enough over crying over spilled milk...I'll just continue with my plan of starting anew with my diet plan and start working on getting slimmer.

My officemate Mikel told me to try Leisure 18. His wife has been taking this slimming coffee for two weeks now and have now lost 4 kilos (approx. 8 pounds). God excited and right after our conversation, I went straight to Robinson's Galleria and bought one. Just took my first cup today and I may say it tastes better than Brazillian Coffee. Hopefully I can bring down my weight to at least 150 lbs. In this stage of my life, I'm already in the phase wherein I could believe and willing to try almost anything. A box of this slimming coffee costs P280 pesos and contains 18 bags. Only one cup 30 minutes before first meal is enough. Hopefully this would be the answer for my weight problem. Will update you of whatever the development would be. Ciao!

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